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       Hello folks!!! Over the years I have produced a number of aircraft and technical videos that are peppered throughout this site. Some of these videos have links placed within my web articles which makes them hard to find quickly. Because of this I have decided to make a video “sitemap” which catalogs all of the videos I have on the web to date....

       Don R. Giandomenico

BVM F-86 Sabre Video

EC-47N Construction Video

E-Flight Super Airliner

E-Flight Airliner Retract Demo

F-16 In Flight

Flight Of The Super Cub

Flight Of The Raptor

Fun At M.A.R.K.S.

GR-1 Turbojet Engine Video

GR-5 Turboshaft Engine Video

GR-5A Turboshaft Engine Video

GR-7 ECU Function Test Video

GR-7 Performance Testing Video

GR-7 Starter Test Video

GR-7 Turbine Test Video

GRV-1 Turbotug Video

GRV-2 Jet Bike Trial Runs

GRV-2 Afterburner Test Firing

GRV-2 Afterburner ACM Test Video

GRV-2 Static Thrust Test Video

GRV-2 Afterburner Speed Trials

GRV-2 Time Lapse Video

MR1 Hexacopter Demo Video

MR1 Hexacopter UFO Triangle Light Demo

M.A.R.K.S. Club - Birth of an Airfield

M.A.R.K.S. Club ‘03 Warbird Rally

Maverick Smoke Test Video

Super Smokers Part I

Super Smokers Part II

The Bobcat-75 Project

The Jet-Cam Video

The Sail-Cam Project

The Shrike-Cam Video

The Smokin’ Rookie

Turbine Bench Test Video

The 6CI Steam Engine Project

Vertical Boiler & 6CI Steam Engine Demo

Video Cub High Flight Video

The Wireless Video Experiment

Top Flite B-25J Maiden Flight Video

Top Flite B-25J Sequencing Door Demo

Top Flite B-25J Engine Test Video

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