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       Thank you for visiting RCDON.COM, I hope you have enjoyed your stay.
This site is a continual work in progress so I really appreciate your suggestions and comments as they help me build a better web site. Feel free to drop me a line to ask a question or leave a comment about something you may have seen on the site.

       If you would like a response to your e-mail I would kindly ask that you follow the guidelines listed below:

* If you are writing me with a question about my site’s content please do your best to completely read the entire section you are referring to. A lot of the questions I receive are already answered on the site. I get a ton of requests from those who don’t want to properly read and research what they are trying to accomplish. I simply don’t have the time to privately educate those who want it all laid out for them. If you don’t have the time to do your homework please don’t bother writing.

* I do not sell plans for my projects nor do I furnish readers with material lists. I enjoy helping those with the same technical interests however this is a hobby to me and by no way am I a “customer service department”. If you write me demanding information I can guarantee it will be effortlessly disregarded ;0)

* Please limit the number of questions you ask and keep them topic specific.
I get a lot of vague questions which would take a lot of time to properly research and answer. I simply do not have the time to field these types of questions. The bottom line is that your e-mails need to be short and to the point if you hope to receive a reply.

* Because of the volume of e-mail I receive it is impossible for me to reply to them the same day. I usually have to wait for some “free time” to properly read and reply to your e-mail questions. Usually this will take about a week but can sometimes be as long as two weeks. Please be patient for your reply and try to refrain from sending me multiple copies of your e-mail requests.

* Lastly, I make no guarantees that I will be able to answer your e-mail. I really try my best to reply to everyone out there but sometimes it is impossible. If you do not receive a reply it’s probably because of one or more of the issues mentioned above. I really appreciate your understanding in the matter.


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