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       Welcome to my video collection. DRG Productions LTD is my other-other hobby, creating educational and entertaining videos. My love for movies and short films had driven me to learn about film & video production. I have created a few videos that have allowed me to combine my love for aircraft and video production. Please feel free to view these videos and as usual, you can contact me with any question or comments you may have. Thanks, Don G.

       To watch these videos you must have Windows Media Player Plug-In or Quick time Media Player Plug-In loaded in your computer. If you do not have a multimedia player on your computer you may download one with these links:                  Windows Media Player or Quick Time Player with .wmv plug-in patch                       The quality of the video playback depends on your internet connection speed so I offer two different speed video clips of all my videos. Choose the lower speed (340 Kbps) if you have problems viewing the files.

       Note: If your web browser (e.g. Google Chrome) does not play the embedded videos on these pages you can use the “direct video link” option just under the play window to download and play the .wmv files.

       I would also like to invite you to my YouTube channel where I have some of my videos posted as well. For a complete list of my videos including ones that are not posted on these pages you may visit my “Video Sitemap” page....

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